Church Ministries

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Guest Services / Hospitality
This is your first impression. You must excel here no doubt. People judge your church in a large part based on the first impression you give them. For example, you could have an outstanding sermon, but if your people weren’t friendly, then a visitor likely won’t be back. Do you give an over-the-top welcome? Do you welcome people as soon as they pull on the property? Start by evaluating places where the guest may not receive an over-the-top experience and begin working to improve those areas.

Worship Music
Leading people into the presence of God is a wonderful privilege churches have every single week…… and what happens during the worship time sets the stage for what God is preparing to do in the hearts of people throughout the remainder of the service. The truth is, worship music is an important part of people’s decision-making process about attending your church on a regular basis. Simply put … they want to attend a church that has good music. So even if you’re already doing well, are there ways you can improve your worship music even more?

House Visiting / Cell Meetings / Guest Follow-Up
People want to feel like they can belong. They want to connect. So many people walk right out the back door of churches because someone (somewhere along the process) dropped the ball. It’s so unfortunate when that happens.

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