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In 1991, my mother together with 4 neighbours started a prayer cell. I was saved in 1995 as the result of my mother’s prayer. While I was praying, Jesus who said “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest”, stood before me, stretched out His hands and welcomed me. I became a new person as I rested in His bosom. I heard His voice asking me to open a center of hope for the destitute.
Then we started weekly meetings in 1996. The meetings were held in my house till 1998. We conducted a healing rally in December of 1998. Jesus blessed the meeting; it was full of miracles.
Our numbers increased so much that my house was no longer big enough to hold the crowd. Then we shifted the meeting into a small hall in Anchal. The first hall was full in one year and again we shifted to a bigger hall on daily rent. By this time, we were having two meetings in a week. Again the hall was filled.
At this time, some opposition was raised against our ministry. Some people were not willing to rent their halls to us. Our hall-owner terminated our rental. We cried out to the Lord and finally we got a place which was formerly a Bus Workshop. It was 500 meters away from the city. This hall was on a monthly rent.
As we entered this place, we could see the provision of God according to His promise in 1999 to our prayers. In this building, God spoke to us about the formation of a retreat center.

Mount Olive Retreat Centre

God spoke me to start a seven-days-per-month retreat center with a capacity of 2000. In the same year G.J.T.W (Give Jesus To The World) was registered as a trust.
7 days retreat is held on the second week of every month. Now it has become the center of hope and deliverance of the numerous destitute.


Hundreds of souls were saved and water-baptised in these meetings, following the great miracles of God and they were channeled to different Pentecostal churches. 32 people were water-baptised in January 2001 and they didn’t want to go to other churches. At this time, the Holy Spirit led us to start the God’s Heart Church. The Holy Spirit instructed me on three things, which would be the foundation of the church:

  1. Don’t impose any extra-biblical doctrines.
  2. Allow the believers to worship in liberty.
  3. Let them grow in the love of God.

The church began to grow in the love of God and they multiplied in numbers.
The love of God led the people to be water-baptised.

Church in 2004

Now the church membership has crossed the 450 mark. We conducted two funerals. Many marriages were solemnized in the church.

Church in 2007

The church at Anchal became the central church of this ministry with more than 1000 members. There are 9 other branch churches in India. God did miracles for us to plant churches in countries like Singapore and Qatar through Pastor John Tharu’s healing rallies.

Tent Ministry

The Holy Spirit began to speak to us again “to evangelize the rural areas, village by village, in India. So, He guided me to start a tent ministry in 2003. The first ministry was at Ayiranelloore village in the Kollam district of Kerala and 30 families got saved and 60 people were water-baptised and a church was started. The second ministry was held in Chettikad, a coastal area in Alappuzha District of Kerala and a new church was started with the baptism of 35 persons through this tent ministry. This miraculous ministry continued through hundreds of villages.

Bible College

Thirty five youngsters dedicated their lives for full-time ministry by the year 2003. At this time, the Holy Spirit led us to start an evening Bible School. Now forty students are studying here. We are preparing to start an Apostolic Bible School very soon.

Prayer Cell

Prayer is the backbone of every ministry. The Holy Spirit guided us to this and a prayer group was started to pray 24 hours round the clock. The members of this Prayer group lodge in the church premises.

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